Muddy Paws Fields has discussed in length with local authorities and our insurance company, and have been advised that we can remain open, subject to government guidelines.

Secretary of State, Matt Hancock, was quoted (BBC Question Time, 02/04/2020) as saying that you can “get in your car and drive a short distance to then go for a walk on your own or with your dog”.

As such, we have implemented a few changes to ensure there is no interaction between bookings.  Until further notice, we have limited all bookings to 30 minutes, and there is also a minimum of 30 minutes between bookings, to ensure that you have enough time to leave the premises before the next booking arrives.

We are also implementing a few new guidelines that you will need to adhere to during your booking;

  1. Do not visit if you, or anyone in your household has displayed symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 7 days.
  2. Only members of the same household are allowed to visit during your booking. 
  3. Use hand sanitiser before you enter and after you leave the field.
  4. Adhere to all government guidelines regarding essential travel and daily exercise.

Under no circumstances must any members of different households use the field at one time – we recommend that you do not travel excessively to visit us, and we suggest that you have your booking confirmation easily accessible, in the event that you are stopped on your journey.

Please ensure that you bring your own sanitisers, gloves, poo bags and drinking water to minimize any potential touch points.