About Us

Muddy Paws Fields is a fully secure, exclusive access field designed for the walking and training of dogs. Whether you want to train your dog to recall, or just want to let them run off some energy without the worry of other dogs, Muddy Paws Fields ticks all boxes – we provide a quiet and secure environment where you are able to bond with your dog without any distractions.

Muddy Paws Fields is 4 acres of green grass with 6 foot tall fencing surrounding the perimeter.  A timed, single access code is provided for each booking which provides our customers an uninterrupted dog walking session.

A session at Muddy Paws Fields need not be a solo affair, so book a session with friends and experience our facilities together, and let your pooches socialise train, and play, with the peace of mind that your dogs are safe and secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is the field?

Muddy Paws Field is surrounded by 6ft fencing. On three sides of the field it is bordered by 1″x1″ square fencing. The remaining side is bordered by stock fencing, with the lower half also covered by 1″x1″ square fencing. The dimensions of the stock fencing are as follows:

How much does it cost?

Muddy Paws Fields prices are as follows:

1-2 Dogs – £6 for 30 minutes / £10 for 60 minutes.
3 Dogs – £7 for 30 minutes / £12 for 60 minutes.
4 Dogs – £8 for 30 minutes / £14 for 60 minutes.
5 Dogs – £9 for 30 minutes / £16 for 60 minutes.
6+ Dogs – £10 for 30 minutes / £18 for 60 minutes.

How do I book?

All bookings are made via our booking page. This page will show all our availability.

How do I receive my entrance code?

Once you have created your booking, an automated confirmation email will be sent to your email address. If you haven’t received your entrance code within ten minutes, please ensure you have checked your junk / spam mail boxes – if you do not receive a confirmation email please contact us via Email Us or message us on Facebook.

Will you be present for our visit?

No representative of Muddy Paws Fields will be present during your visit, and you will have the entire four acres to yourself – although the horses in the neighbouring field could be present – so please, bare this in mind.